i-CAT – Cone beam 3d Dental Imaging System


young woman long hairState-of-the-Art in Dental Imaging

Introduced in 1994, i-CAT launched Cone Beam technology in the dental industry and introduced dental professionals to the third dimension of patient imaging. The i-CAT has successfully pioneered Cone Beam 3-D dental imaging and formed a global network of i-CAT Cone Bean 3-D imaging centers.

Why Cone Beam 3-D?

The i-CAT Cone Beam 3-D Dental Imaging System provides in-office, high definition, three dimensional digital data with less radiation to the patient than traditional CT scan machines. The i-CAT’s 3-D, volumetric imaging system provides precise views of all oral and maxillofacial structures, allowing Dr. Bye to enhance treatment planning surgical predictability.

i-CAT Benefits for the Patient:

  • The i-CAT offers the highest level of surgical predictability resulting in successful surgical outcomes for patients
  • Over ten times less radiation compared to a Medical CT
  • A quick and easy 20 second scan producing the most anatomically accurate 3-D images of the mouth, face, and jaw
  • An Open Environment scan increasing the patients comfort level
  • Reduces surgery time
  • The i-CAT is available to patients in their dentist office to avoid hospital visits and multiple appointments
  • Within minutes of the i-CAT scan, dentists are able to offer patients an immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment plan – possibly all in one visit
  • Dentists can easily share the 3-D data with patient’s restorative doctor
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